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Run/Bike Workouts to Prepare for the Apple Duathlon

Here are a few brick workouts to get your ready for race day.  I like these because it's important to simulate your race day in advance.  The zones I use to describe the workouts are based on Joe Friel's heart rate zones and cycling power zones.  If you want to use heart zones my article at describes how to test and calculate your training zones.

Brick #1

I like to do this workout 2-6 weeks before race day.  It can be done more than once. 
Warmup, then do a 5k run.  The first and third mile of the run should be at zone 4/medium fast effort.  The second mile is zone 2/moderate effort (just above your easy pace). 
Follow with a 20 mile bike.  During the ride follow a pattern of 6 minutes at zone 4/5 (medium fast/fast) followed by 3 minute recoveries throughout the ride.  This should be fairly close to your race pace. 
Follow with a 5k run in the same pattern of the first run - the first and third miles will be zone 4/medium fast effort. 

Brick #2

This is good training for running fast off the bike.
Warmup properly, then:
Bike 15 minutes fast. Zone 4-5. 
Run 1 mile fast immediately after your bike.  
Recover 5 minutes then repeat.  If you are fit the distance you cover on each ride and run should be very similar.  This workout should not be done more than once per week.

Brick #3

If the Apple Duathlon is your peak race then you don't want to do a big workout one week before the race.  Those should already be done.  I like this workout as a tuneup.
1:15 ride.  End with 30 minutes at zone 4 (medium fast effort).
Follow immediately with a 30 minute run.  The first 10 minutes are at a fast effort - zone 4 to 5.  The last 20 minutes are zone 1-2 (easy to moderate effort). 

Eric Schwartz was the 2004 Duathlon National Champion.  He has been coaching duathletes and triathletes since 2000.  His coaching website is  His 10-12 week duathlon training plans are available at